The $300K Hamburger Made in a Lab

Would you eat a hamburger made in a laboratory? That might seem like an easy answer for Swallow Falls residents. But now everyone else has hope, since a doctor named Mark Post made a hamburger in a lab in the Netherlands.

Some people think the hamburger is a bit strange and are calling it "Frankenburger." And the first two people who tasted the hamburger in front of an audience said it was bland ... but not everyone thinks the hamburger made in a lab is a bad thing.

Some people say if we make meat in a lab, we'll help the environment. Fewer animals raised for meat means we use less water and put less strain on our land, what we call our natural resources. We would also release less of the gasses that are harmful to our environment.

So how did this scientist do it? He used stem cells to grow the meat. Stem cells are the building blocks of our bodies and can multiply and even change. Cows, ox, and buffalo have stem cells too. Post used stem cells that the cow's body uses to repair muscles.

It took many years and a lot of money (more than $300,000) to make this cloneburger. If you like it, there's good news: They can make another one just like it!

Photo by Getty Images.
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