The 'Coolest, Hippest Company in the World' Now Hiring

If you graduated in the top .5 percent of your class, if your idea of fun is creating new life forms, and if you're unfamiliar with the concept of "life outside of work," we have the perfect job for you!

The Live Corp Company ®, universally recognized as the cleverest and most innovative company on the planet, is currently seeking an entry level "Thinkquanot" - a person whose superior intellect and advanced creative abilities will enrich his or her nonpareil think tank. You'll be under the watchful eye of founder Chester V., the most brilliant scientist in the world!

Live Corp. ® offers benefits unlike any you've ever known. Of course, that's what has made it officially the "Coolest, Hippest Company in the World." The corporation, located in San Fran Jose, offers full medical and dental insurance, in addition to wellness-enhancing free classes each day, such as Max-Flex Yoga, HD Meditation and Stereo-Optic-Pre-Lamaze. The 802k plan (twice the size of the traditional 401k) is available for full-time workers, but even part-timers are eligible for a generous 200½k plan.

Pioneers of "In-House Vacation Time," Live Corp. ® considers its at-desk massages and to-your-cubicle meal delivery service on the cutting edge of the "Perfect Attendance Workplace" concept.

But, beyond the perks of its unlimited, complimentary Cronut Lattes and Sashimi Frappuccinos, beyond the all-you-can-ingest crudité IVs and free-of-charge MP3-microchip-implant procedures, Live Corp. ® provides its employees with a feeling of family loyalty more intense than any biological unit could ever offer. Live Corp. ® puts the "Trust" in "Brain Trust."

Before you apply for a job here, make a preemptory appointment with your neurosurgeon first - because this company will blow your mind!
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