Manny's 10 Favorite Food Jokes

Swallow Falls resident Manny is best known to most of you as the Weather News Happens cameraman, but he's a man of many hidden talents! When he lived in Guatemala, he was also a doctor and ... a comedian! Here are 10 of his favorite food jokes that I know you will find pun-ny!

Q. What did the doctor say when a boy walked into his office with a corncob stuck in one ear, a carrot stuck in the other, and a celery stalk up his nose?
A. "You're not eating right!"

Q. Why do farmers tell their cows the same jokes over and over again?
A. They milk them for all they're worth.

Q. What do you call a meal that you eat on a bullet train?
A. Fast food.

Q. Why did the girl eat her homework?
A. Her friends told her, "It's a piece of cake!"

Q. What did the pumpkin seed say to the cashew, the filbert, and the pistachio?
A. "You guys are all nuts!"

Q. Why did the turkey sandwich cross the road?
A. To prove he wasn't chicken.

Q. How come the food critic never gets anything done?
A. He always bites off more than he can chew.

Q. Why did the strawberry call the "food police?"
A. She was in a real jam.

Q. When do bank tellers eat $100 bills?
A. When they're in the mood for really rich food.

Q. Why doesn't the fig tree go to the movies?
A. She never, ever has a single date.

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